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November 12 - Karlsruhe, Germany

Finished my last leg of hiking in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany two days ago and returned to my base camp here in Karlsruhe after six days of walking. Had a beautiful trail - through the woods and all the glory of the autumn colors - unbelievable. It was oh, so cold in the tent - actually had ice on the tent one morning, but it was well worth it.

From here I will use my eurorail pass and try to see as many of the larger cities as I possibly can in my remaining allotted time - I fly back from Paris on November 25th - less than two weeks.

Will head north from here tomorrow to take in Trier and Frankfurt. From there I hope to venture on towards Berlin and Dresden. I will return to Karlsruhe next week for a break and then one last swing southeast towards Munich and Vienna - God willing.

Cyber Cafe is closing up on me so I will have to close for the day.

All is so very well!