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November 15 - Lutherstadt-Wittenberg

Headed basically north from Frankfurt to see a wonderful church in the small city of Hildesheim. I have been to Germany, and europe in general, many times and have always wanted to see the cathedral of St. Michael - the anticipation and joy on the train here was very strong. At long last I stood in the nave of this wonderful church . . . it was as beautiful as I had expected. The cathedral is one of the better examples of romenesque church architecture in Germany - two others are the cathedrals in Speyer and Worms, both of which I managed to see on past trips. The romanesque style is much simpler and basic, stripped of ornament and much "heavier" than the lofty gothic churches like Koln, Ulm and Strassburg.

As I am on a strict time line, I allowed myself about an hour at the cathedral before heading back to the bahnhof for my next stop - Lutherstadt-Wittenberg.

Arrived in the sleepy town of Lutherstadt-Wittenberg after dark and had to find a hotel. Thinking that there would be a hotel in the town center, I passed by the hotel at the train station and made my way into towm - about ten minutes walk. Asked around town for a room and was directed towards the swank four star Best Western. Best Western! In Wittenberg! Four star! Forget about it! Made my way back to the bahnhof and booked a reasonable room at the initial hotel. As usual, dropped my things and made a bee-line back into the town to check out the sights. I always thought of this town as Wittenberg - the city of Martin Luther, but I do not know when they actually changed the name of the city to "Luherstadt" - directly translated - LutherCity. Maybe it was for the tourists who did not realize the importance of Wittenberg. It was here that Martin Luther studied (he was born in Eisleben) and nailed the famous 95 thesis to the door of the castle church in 1517. His act of defiance against the catholic church and the selling of indulgences lead to what we know know as the Protestant church. I came here basically to see the door of the castle church and simply take in some of the atmosphere of Wittenberg. I must admit - it is a bit of a ghost town, but I enjoyed my stay. Back to the hotel, and tomorrow I'm off to Berlin.