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November 17 - Dresden, Germany

Arrived in Dresden in the mid afternoon to dreary rain and cold. It might be just as well, as when I think of Dresden I can only imagine the suffering of the city after the allied bombers leveled it on the night of February 13/14, 1945. The city was once part of eastern Germany, DDR, and I do not believe the socialist system could actually manage to bring this city back to its former glory. Dresden is now in the midst of a renaissance of sorts - old buildings and sections of town are finally being restored with the money of a united Germany. This was my first impression of Dresden as I stepped out of the Bahnhof - the city seemed to be half baked, per se, as there was construction sites through out the city. The train station itself was in renovation, but that was due to the terrible flooding of the Elbe River last year.

Booked a hotel at the train station, but as I walked up to it I realized that it was a bit of a dump and headed back to a better hotel that I passed along the way - the one my folks stayed at when they were in Dresden. In the rain I managed to take in just a few of the sights on my list - the HofKirche, the beautiful Furstenzug and the Sachsische Staatsoper. I came here mainly to see the wonderful art gallery, the Zwinger, and because my parents praised Dresden so highly.

Today is Monday, and the wonderful Zwinger is closed on Mondays. Into each life a little rain must fall. I am soaking wet.

Back at the hotel I wrote a stack of postcards and thanked God for all the great weather I've had on this trip - it was nasty today, but all-in-all I have been very fortunate! On to Leipzig and Nurnberg tomorrow. Some day I hope to return to Dresden.