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November 19 - Karlsruhe, Germany

Took it easy in Karlsruhe - staying once again at the home of my aunt - Marianne Bunn. My task today was to check on the status of my flight home - all is as planned - and book not only a room in Paris, but also a single sleeper cabin on the train from Karlsruhe to Paris for next Sunday night. I managed to procure both, and can rest a bit more comfortably, knowing that this has been taken care of. I fly back to Memphis on Tuesday, November 25th from Paris. I was a bit worried all along, not knowing just how I was going to get from Paris proper to Charles Degaulle airport. The hotel I booked was near the Gare du Nord train station, from which I can catch a quick train to the airport. On Sunday night I will take a midnight train (12:55) to Paris from Karlsruhe. I have my own single bed compartment reserved on the train, so I can relax with my pack in safety. Will arrive in Paris around 7:00 monday morning - gives me plenty of time to seek out my hotel, stash my pack and take in some of the sights in town. Rush, rush, rush!

Having booked my Paris trip I turned to the next leg of my whirlwind train tour. I still wanted to take in a museum or two in Munich and Vienna. Tomorrow morning I head to Munich, and continue on to Vienna, Austria, where I plan to spend the night and spend all of Friday, November 20th taking in the many sights. From Vienna I hope to work my way back to Karlsruhe via Bern, Switzerland. Of course - God willing!

As I am a bit rushed these last few days - this may be the last entry before I reach good old Adamsville, Tennessee. Where did the time go!


Thanks for the e-mails! Terribly sorry I could not answer most of them, but I will contact all of you individually on my return.