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November 4 - Heidelberg, Germany

After a few days rest in Zuidzande, Holland and Flossforf, Germany I am back on the trail in Germany. I will spend the night here in the Perkeo Hotel - take in the sights of the city I love, and then head east/northeast on the E8 trail along the Neckar River. This is a continuation of the trail I took along the Rhine River to Bad Kreuznach, but I decided to eliminate the connecting stretch, as I have so very little time left to hike. This trail should take along Neckar River, very much like the Rhine Trail, not along the river valley, but above the river and by the scenic castles. I am so looking forward to the next few days hiking. It has been getting quite cold and I am still camping in the woods, so I will have to judge my distance with the weather.

A special shout out to a Heidelberg High School class mate of mine - Gruss aus Heidelberg Penny!