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October 15 - Karlsruhe, Germany

After Bad Kreuznach I took the train to Karlsruhe, Germany, making a quick stop in Mainz to see the fantastic cathedral. I wanted to spend more time in Mainz, as it is the city of Gutenberg and there is a nice museum dedicated to him, but I had to make my way to my aunt's home here in Karlsruhe.

Karlsruhe is a rest stop for me. I get a chance to kick back with family, eat some good food and generally clean up a bit after some time on the trail. I must note, that one of my first tasks was to buy a new pair of shoes - my current pair are about to give up the ghost, as the "sole" is leaving the body. Found a great pair of Lowa shoes and hope that they perform a bit better than the ones that have brought me this far. I also managed to score some long underwear - it is getting cold folks - as well as a wool hat and gloves. These are things I planned to buy along the way from the very start - sort of buy it when you need it.

Tomorrow I am off, once again, for Flossdorf, Germany, where I will meet up with Jakob Wiesler, my cousin's husband, for a hike in France.

I do not speak French, so this should be a real adventure.