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October 17 - Metz, France

Left Karlsruhe for Flossdorf a few days ago, and just had to stop off in my favorite city in the world - Heidelberg, Germany. I attended high school here and have very fond memories of this place. Spent my "formative" years here, and it is probably the reason why I am such a hopeless romantic. If any of you out there are even thinking of visiting europe, I suggest you stop off in Heidelberg. Man I love this city!

After spending the night in Flossdorf, Jakob and I were driven to Metz, France by his son, Sebastian, and "Basti's" girlfriend. We spent the night at a cheap hotel after taking in some sights that night. Basti and his girlfriend returned to Aachen, while we ventured off on the St. James pilgrimage route through France. The actual St. James route starts off in Paris, with other legs channeling down throughout France, meeting at the Spanish border and then carrying on through northern Spain to Santiago de Compostella. Jakob has wanted to walk this trail for many years, choosing to walk the trail from Germany, and linking up with one of the legs in France. I have always been fascinated by this famous pilgrim trail - third in importance in the middle ages to the road to the Holy Land and Rome - but felt my knowledge of the French language - or lack thereof - has always hindered me. I am looking forward to the next thirteen days, and the trail to Dijon.

I must note, that Jakob and I are staying in hotels along the way, so I was able to forsake my tent and lighten my load a bit.